Welcome to Children and the City!
This site is the result of a semester-long study of spaces made by and for children and teenagers in New York City.
The focus is on sites in Hamilton Heights in the Borough of Manhattan. Undergraduate and graduate students in Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture at the City College of New York are the authors and are responsible for field work, archival research, writing, photographic documentation, and mapping places in the physical city. They are also credited with the design and compilation of this website.

Each page [Children's Places, Appropriated Places, Maps] highlights important themes in the work and conversations that have taken place during the semester

Student Authors
Alexander Baranovich
Amanda Chen
Emma de Caires
Christopher Drobny
Katya Dubinsky
Pavel Gomez
Nate Harris
Maria Huerta
Malvin Hwee
Matthew Johns
Helen Levin
Carlos Rodriguez
Seth Roye

Johan Sanmartin
Nuraldiin Singh
Halina Steiner
Johanna Vargas
Tim Vigen
Kari Williams

Marta Gutman, Ph.D.

Jessica Lewis

Guest Speakers
Jean Arrington
Sarah E. Chinn
Garrison McNeil
Bruce Nelligan
Marci Reaven
Marie Warsh

Special Thanks To
George Ranalli, Dean
Peter A. Gisolfi, Chair

The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture of the City College of the City University of New York