Children's Art Carnival

The Children’s Art Carnival (CAC) is an institution that promotes the use of the arts to the children of New York City.  The CAC was accidentally stumbled upon when I was strolling through Hamilton Terrace on my way to the A train on 145 street. It is located on a quiet residential street where the repetitiveness of the brown stones and stoops create an illusion that they will never end. The occasional children running across the street to their friend’s house or to the next game they have planned.  Suddenly I noticed a bright red sign atop of a old town house.  It signaled me to look closer and that’s when I noticed what I had stumbled upon.  The sign read; the Children’s Art Carnival and as I was still looking at the sign, I was distracted by a young child leaving the premises.  The CAC is located at 62 Hamilton Terrace, on north end of the street. It sits at the end of a row of brownstones that line the street and is also adjacent to an abandoned mansion on the corner.  

The CAC is an art incubator that nourishes the youth by exposing them to the arts, history and legacy of the New York City.  The CAC opened its doors to the youth in 1969 and continues to do so through private donations and funds from the city and state. The CAC does not charge for its programs. These include art classes for children and teens.  The school day program provides art classes for students and teachers from both public and private schools all around the city.  Aside from their arts in education program, the CAC also hosts several workshops for all ages. These workshops include multi-media, creative, sculpture, and creative media arts. All of these classes are to encourage creative thinking as it is believed to be an essential component to a child's intellectual development