138th Street [Riverbank State Park to St. Nicholas Park]

138th Street in Hamilton Heights provides access to multiple sites relating to children. Currently, these sites include, but are not limited to: Riverbank State Park, McDonalds, PS 192, Jacob H. Schiff Playground, The City College of New York, St. Nicholas Park. As children walk from one location to another they engage and embed themselves along the way, activating 138th Street. 

Riverbank State Park
Riverbank State Park is home to structured and unstructured activities for children year round.
To learn more about these please visit: 
Riverbank State Park- Entire site
Riverbank State Park- Soccer
Riverbank State Park and environs - Skateboarding: 679 Riverside Drive.

McDonalds is a international fast-food hamburger chain located on the corner of 138th Street and Broadway. McDonalds caters to children through their spokesman Ronald McDonald as well as their Happy Meals which were established in 1979. The proximity of this McDonalds to both PS 192 and the subway and bus routes found on Broadway insure constant pedestrian traffic to the restaurant.

PS 192 Jacob H. Schiff School
PS 192 provides education to elementary school age children K-6 and currently has 441 students matriculating. The school motto is “Going from Good to Great”. Along with academics the school also provides after school activities, events and cultural celebrations. The school also has a website with resources for parents, students, and teachers that foster their belief about building commiunity.The extracurricular activities offered include: basketball instructional clinic, band, chorus, AIDP,  intramurals, art club, chess, multicultural music program, and Harlem School of the Arts partnership

Jacob H. Schiff Playground
Jacob H. Schiff Playground is located East of PS 192. 
To learn more about this playground please visit: 
Jacob H. Schiff Playground: West side of Amsterdam Ave. btw W. 136th and 138th Sts. 

Hebrew Orphan Asylum
Hebrew Orphan Asylum was located where Jacob H. Schiff Playground currently resides. Built in 1878 due to overcrowding in other orphanages runned by the Hebrew Benevolent Society, it housed 370 children by 1884. It closed in 1941 and was used for army barracks during WWII, then The City College of New York acquired the building for dormitories. In 1952 the building was demolished.

The City College of New York
The City College of New York has long been a defining landmark of the Hamilton Heights neighborhood. The college primarily caters to students 18 and up, but the college also hosts summer camps and programs for ages 8-18.  Additionally, the Salvadori Center in Wingate Hall at City College focuses on “improving children’s content understanding and problem solving skills by using project based learning focused on the built environment.” City College also caters to older age groups with the High School for Math, Science and Engineering primarily located in Baskerville Hall.

Saint Nicholas Park
Saint Nicholas Park has a variety of activities that appeal to many age groups.  Educational components include the Hamilton Grange National Memorial. Active recreational elements include a playground, basketball and handball courts.
To learn more please visit: Stair at St. Nicholas Park